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Promotional Snickers commercial falls flat at StartUPP 2011

In Events on February 8, 2011 at 10:56 pm

A promotional commercial specifically made for StartUPP, an invitation-only event for high-profile startup founders, left a StartUPP keynote audience confused this weekend.

The commercial, which featured divas Mariah Carey and Beyonce, portrays a member of a group of men as a diva until he eats a Snickers bar. The featured group, however, consisted of high-profile startup founders and there was no observable change in behavior before or after the Snickers bar was eaten.

“I can’t believe it bombed,” said Mark Canton, advertising director. “We had planned to run this commercial over the next year or so in the Bay Area. We spent big bucks on it.”

After the commercial screened, it was met with a mixture of polite applause and forced laughter.

One founder in attendance was heard saying, “First the Wi-Fi goes down for fifteen minutes and now I’m subjected to advertising? I can’t believe I’m being treated this way.”


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