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Headhunter struggles to find social media expert with 7 years Facebook experience

In Human Interest on February 9, 2011 at 5:19 am

Philip Dimbold always gets his man. It says so on his business card. He’s a headhunter.

But today, he gloomily checks his e-mail inbox for new applicants for a social media position.

“Five years. Four years. Five and half. Seven including Friendster,” he says, checking through the list. “Close, but no cigar.”

Several of his clients have paid Dimbold to find social media experts with certain levels of experience with the mega-popular social network Facebook. He’s yet to find any that have seven years under their belt.

“The demand is there. Clients are very specific about what they want. In certain fields, there are these mysterious dropoffs in experience levels,” says Dimbold. “I went through 200 applicants last week looking for one that had ten years of Ruby on Rails experience. Nothing.”

Dimbold attributes the mysterious dropoffs in experience levels to better learning, “It takes a while for schools to get the hang of these things.”

“I know that’s the reason,” says Dimbold, “because every time I get someone that actually does claim to have seven years of experience with Facebook, they turn out to be some kind of idiot.”

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