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Google open sources Cr-48 keylogger code

In Technology on February 14, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Google today released the source code to the Cr-48 keylogger program as part of their pledge to continue supporting open source software in spite of last week’s discontinuation of their “Don’t be evil” corporate policy.

“There’s nobody more important to us, or our plans of world domination, than the people working in the tech industry today,” said Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

The program, internally codenamed Unblinking Eye, is deeply embedded into the Chrome OS. Before today’s news, nobody knew it even existed. Unblinking Eye’s purpose, according to the Google blog post, is to blackmail current and potential talent into taking job offers.

“It’s a great place to work,” said Jonathan Camp, a Googler. “Free food. Great atmosphere. Awesome people. And that’s really lucky, because I can never leave or they’ll send a few choice IM conversations to my wife.”

Several high-profile Googlers have recently defected to Facebook, which initially prompted Google to give the supposedly free laptops to employees and members of the tech community.

“Let’s be honest here, Facebook is winning the race on having the most information with which to blackmail talent,” said Schmidt. “We think Unblinking Eye, along with several other secret programs, will help us stay in that race.”

Google’s stock soared after the news hit, according to Google Stocks.


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