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Yuri Milner pays $150k YCombinator investments by ‘making it rain’

In Startups on February 16, 2011 at 10:34 am

Aaron Harris and Josh Abrams of Tutorspree expected Yuri Milner to mail them a check.

“One night he just shows up with three strippers, four bottles of vodka and a duffel bag full of 20s,” said Harris. “He yells out, ‘Let’s do this, bitches!’ and before we know it, we’re completely smashed and dancing to really bad techno.”

Milner recently made news when he promised a $150,000 investment with very favorable terms to any company in the YCombinator program.

He did not disclose that he would ‘make it rain’ for those companies.

“It was wild,” said Abrams, “he would just throw wads of money in the air, laughing like a maniac.”

“Harmony and Chastity were great, too. The third one– I don’t remember her name– seemed bored. I think she was supposed to be for [third founder] Ryan but he wasn’t around,” said Abrams.

Milner has reportedly been on a four-day bender, working one-by-one through the dozens of companies that accepted his offer.

“I really thought I’d be depositing a check at the bank today,” said Harris, “not hung over, digging vodka-soaked twenty-dollar bills out of the couch cushions.”


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