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Django names their 1.3 release: ‘WordPress’

In Technology on February 23, 2011 at 11:08 am

Update: WordPress has yielded and renamed their release Reinhardt, the last name of jazz musician Django Reinhardt. In response, Django has changed their release name to Automattic, the last name of WordPress.

Django announced the name of their long-awaited 1.3 update: WordPress.

The move comes on the same day, shockingly, as the niche software organization WordPress named their 3.1 release Django.

“You would think it could be confusing,” said Marie Adamski, a Django developer and contributor to the project. “Django 1.3 is called WordPress and WordPress 3.1 is called Django. But it’s not.”

The key, Adamski says, is in prevalance of the platform.

“Basically, Django is a respected framework among hackers, coders and tech entrepreneurs. Nobody has really heard of or uses this ‘WordPress’ software. We don’t think there will be any issues with the new name.”

WordPress– the software, not the Django release– is written in a comical and antiquated language called PHP, which stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. The PHP in PHP stands for “personal home page.”

“Obviously it’s not the first time that community has had trouble naming something,” said Adamski.

  1. >>”The PHP in PHP stands for “personal home page.””

    Best PHP slam yet, and I use it. Well, at least in my WordPress sites I do.

  2. @Justin That’s not even a slam. It’s true [0]. “Personal Home Page” is the origin of the PHP acronym.


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