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Breakup Notifier creator moves on, makes Banned App Notifier

In Startups on February 24, 2011 at 8:46 am

Yesterday Facebook banned the Breakup Notifier app, citing API concerns and then disabling app creator Dan Loewenherz’s personal account.

The Breakup Notifier creator hasn’t lost any momentum, however, and has now pivoted to create the Banned App Notifier, a service designed to let users know when an app has been unbanned.

“Lots of people are sitting and waiting to see a change in status of their favorite Facebook apps,” said Cory Allen, a former Breakup Notifier user who has gone back to daily stalking of his crush’s profile.

“Banned App Notifier is going to save me a lot of time, since I won’t have to check on Breakup Notifier’s status manually.”

The Banned App notifier keeps watch on any number of dozens of unfairly banned Facebook apps, and is free to use.

When reached for comment, Facebook engineers said the original Breakup Notifier app competed with their own internal creepy app for tracking relationship status.

“Tracking all user data is squarely in Facebook’s domain. The Breakup Notifier app treaded on our territory, so we shut them down.” said a Facebook representative.

“If the app creator wants to contest it, well, tough shit.”

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