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Twitter move inspires more user-centric thinking

In Technology on March 14, 2011 at 7:40 am

Last week, Twitter introduced bold ecosystem changes, citing user experience concerns, stating that “a consistent user experience is more crucial than ever.”

“It moved me. It just moved me,” said Jim Franksen, a Ruby developer from San Francisco. “That they care so much about their users. I can’t help but to respect them. Who else makes sweeping changes like this just for the sake of the user?”

Franksen says he’s now recommitted to Twitter as a platform.

Praise and inspiration did not stop with developers, however. Other companies have picked up on it, notably Facebook, with Mark Zuckerberg telling reporters that the social network from The Social Network will also be adopting Twitter’s user-centric views.

“Whatever Facebook’s next privacy debacle may be,” said Zuckerberg,” I just want everyone to know that we’re doing it that way because we’re deeply concerned about providing a consistent user experience.”

Others were unimpressed by the announcement.

“Apple was the first to really care about user experience. Twitter is just being derivative,” said Daniel Alevedo, a self-described Apple evangelist.

“Just last month, they set a 30% cut on their subscription pricing. You just don’t set it that high unless you really, truly care about providing a consistent user experience.”


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