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Armchair expert urges people on other side of world not to worry, it’ll be fine

In Technology on March 15, 2011 at 8:34 am

Silicon Valley has a wealth of technical knowledge and top talent. Look past the cutesy location-based games and trendy social networks and you’ll even find experts on nuclear energy production.

Mark Prokopp is one of those experts.

“I mostly do backend stuff for websites,” he said. “But I also like to read about nuclear reactors on Wikipedia.”

Prokopp has recently taken to helping disaster victims in Japan by offering advice on several forums on the Internet. His main tip: Stop worrying so much.

“Nuclear reactors are built for this kind of thing. I’ve read about all of the different systems for cooling them down. It’ll be fine. Nuclear power is always safer and better.”

Prokopp, who lives 5,000 miles from the earthquake- and tsunami-affected Fukushima plant, started his obsession after reading a Wired article about nuclear power. He credits the article and Wikipedia for most of his knowledge, along with several passages from the book The Hydrogen Economy which he read in college.

After the roof blew off of a building at the Fukushima plant, Prokopp posted on tech news site Hacker News, saying, “Reactors don’t even need a roof to work. I bet it’s cooling better than ever now.”

As of publication, the comment had 16 upvotes.


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