Banned from Quora

GitHub adds feature to closely examine images, still lacks features to closely examine self

In Technology on March 24, 2011 at 7:57 am

GitHub recently launched an elegant, powerful interface that lets users compare image revisions in their project.

But for some users, that’s not enough.

“I’ve changed a lot since I started my project three years ago,” said Noel Prowitz, an open source coder. “It’s cool to see how my site’s logo has changed, but I’d really like to see exactly how I’ve changed– as a person– in that time.”

Prowitz went through a divorce in 2009 and claims to have several emotional issues to work through.

“Trust, abandonment. Yeah, I’ve got some things going on. Where’s the diff for my emotional center?” asked Prowitz.

With no GitHub-based alternative, Prowitz has been forced to try other alternatives, such as therapy, psychedelic drugs and owning a cat.

“Maybe one day they’ll git their act together,” said Prowitz, laughing and looking around the room for acceptance of his pun, then awkwardly sipping from his drink to drown the silence.

“My social skills aren’t great either. At least they’re adding in some social features.”

That feature would be GitHub’s latest update, which notifies users in an @mention. The user @mention has been subsequently banned from the site to avoid any confusion.


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