Banned from Quora

Founders in bidding war over both planning same terrible joke

In Startups on March 29, 2011 at 8:14 am

Bidding over the domain name hit $15,000 dollars with the click of a mouse.

The man behind the click? Silicon Valley tech enthusiast Doug Gerty.

“It’s gonna be great,” said Gerty. “Just great.”

Gerty owns a variety of domain names but said will be his second favorite if he gets it, right behind has seen increased bidding activity in the past two weeks as Gerty and another bidder, John Etsel, have battled over the domain.

“When I put in the first really big bid at $10,500, I hesitated a bit,” said Etsel. “But then I thought about the payoff when the user clicks the ‘What’s updog?’ link at the bottom of the page.”

“It’ll be classic. I can’t wait.”

Recent investment offers put both Etsel’s and Gerty’s business plans at valuations of over 25 million dollars each.


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