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Facebook releases +2 button

In Startups on March 31, 2011 at 8:49 am

The button wars heated up today as Facebook released a +2 button in response to Google’s +1 button.

“Yes, it works like Google’s button. But better. Twice as good. Clearly better. Simply better,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in his signature monotone. “Twice as much with every click.”

Facebook’s +2 button pulls double duty by ‘Liking’ a page and also instantly sending all of your personal data directly to the owners of the page.

Like the +1 button, the +2 button doesn't make any fucking sense to most users.

“If you really like a company, you’d just send them your private, personal information right away, wouldn’t you?” said Paula Jenkins, a Facebook public relations manager. “They’re gonna get it eventually. It saves so many brands from doing this delicate dance of trying to steal your information through Facebook apps, e-mail lists and mobile games.”

Marketers and SEO experts have celebrated the decision. “I’m gonna put this baby on every page I own,” said Mark Mallahe, a self-described SEO guru. “And I own 237,000 pages.”

It remains to be seen how Facebook users will take to the button. Recent trends suggest that they will continue to mindlessly click around the site, whiling away precious hours of their lives.


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