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Social media guru uses QR code for suicide note

In Human Interest on April 7, 2011 at 1:55 pm

Michael Schulton, a self-proclaimed social media guru, will not be remembered for the grisly way he ended his life or for his disturbing final tweets.

Instead, he’ll be remembered for the creative way he wrote his suicide note: In the form of a QR code.

Schulton spent all 4,096 characters rambling about his failures in life, love and business.

“I was always impressed by how Mike could make things fun and neat with technology,” said Shannon Sperrod, his roommate and finder of his lifeless body.

“One minute, I’m horrified,” said Sherrod, “and the next I have my phone out, curious about this QR code. It was really engaging and interactive. He was great with that stuff.”

The note contained instructions to tweet it out, which Sherrod did. It got a total of 5 retweets and eventually 2 Likes on Facebook.

Attempts were made by Founder Daily to interview his Twitter followers, which number at 58,023, but only Viagra offers were given as replies.

Funeral services for Schulton will be held on Friday. His friends on Facebook can check for the details on the event he set up.