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Social coupon site folds, creators blame ‘hostile market’

In Startups on April 14, 2011 at 1:41 pm, a deals site similar to Groupon but with a focus on the ultra-cheap, has shut down today.

The two founders, Justin Mackley and Manny Baccalin, blamed a marketplace that was just plain unfriendly to deals sites.

“We’ve seen social media fatigue, and I think we’re seeing deals fatigue now,” said Mackley, who came up with the concept and brand for the site. “We would get dirty looks after just giving our elevator pitch.”

“It was terrible,” added Baccalin. “I couldn’t even get my mom to use the site, or give me feedback on it.”

The pair say they’ve seen ups and downs with the product, but the downs were coming more often.

“Everyone seemed to like it when we were building it,” said Baccalin. “Then we struggled with establishing a brand. I thought it would be all uphill after we found that the domain was available.”

“Such a perfect domain for the product,” said Mackley, who first discovered the domain was available. “It really captured our feel and the niggardly deal-seekers we were after.”

The pair are still undecided on their next project. “All we know is it won’t be in coupons or deals,” said Mackley. “We’ve learned our lesson.”