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Dave McClure furious at plainly styled pitches, e-mails

In Human Interest, Startups on April 19, 2011 at 9:44 am

Dave McClure is pissed.

“Not just pissed,” he says, “but bold and italicized pissed.”

He adds, “Hell, make it red text too. I’m really that mad.”

The 500 Startups founder has had some time to catch up on his e-mails after the launch of 22 startups at the 500 Startups Demo Day, only to be disappointed by a complete lack of effort on the part of senders.

“How am I supposed to know which words are important?” he asks, shaking his screen. “None of them are bold. Not even one blue word or green word.”

McClure asks, "Can you bold the word pissed when you publish this? I dont think they'll get it otherwise."

For McClure, it’s not a new problem. The prominent angel investor pours hours into carefully selecting words to bold, italicize and highlight on his blog and in his e-mails, but fails to get the same response in return.

“It’s like I’m holding the door open for everyone, and everyone is slamming it right in my face,” says McClure. “The other day I had to sit through a PowerPoint presentation which used one typeface for the whole damn thing.”

“I just zoned out,” says McClure. “I once invested in someone who gave me a ride when I needed one. This isn’t hard, people. Control+B. Control+U.”

“Or Command if you’re on a Mac.”