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Youtube founders mistakenly purchase Delicious

In Startups on April 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Chad Hurley will never again meet with his financial planner in a diner.

Chen and Hurley described the deal as "just short of a clusterfuck."

“The waitress asked me how my pie was,” said Hurley. “I said it was delicious. I guess [my financial planner] Mike was asking me what I wanted to purchase at the same time. We were talking about diversifying.”

Hours later, the deal was closed. Hurley’s Co-founder Steve Chen also signed off on it.

“I thought he was buying it ironically,” said Chen. “You know, like you’d buy an ironic shirt, or a Nickelback CD.”

“It’s no biggie. We spent more than that on a party last week.”