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Dustin Curtis awkwardly ending all conversations in ‘you should follow me on Twitter here’

In Human Interest, Startups on May 5, 2011 at 11:11 am

Dustin Curtis, the designer who wrote the blog post that popularized the “You should follow me on Twitter here” message seen today on so many blogs, has now started using the phrase in everyday conversation.

“I was like, ‘Where? What?’ He didn’t point or anything. He just said it,” said Shannon Foster, a barista at a coffee shop near Curtis’ home.

Friends of Curtis say the awkward line isn't as bad as the time he wore his personal logo, pictured above, as a mask for a week.

Curtis’ popular phrase has yet to catch on in conversation, likely due to the fact that spoken words cannot be hyperlinked.

“I’m trying it out for a while,” said Curtis. “Actually, I’m trying a few phrases and seeing what works best. Just like I did in the blog post.”

Curtis is committed to finding a way to gain Twitter followers from everyday conversations. He has tried several methods, including a t-shirt, which he considers a cliche.

“There’s just too many Twitter shirts these days,” said Curtis. “You’ve gotta stand out.”

“You should follow me on Twitter here,” he added.

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