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Twitpic reveals new, celebrity-picture-based currency

In Entertainment, Startups, Technology on May 24, 2011 at 5:16 pm

On the heels of its controversial TOS overhaul, Twitpic has launched a new initiative bringing all the pieces together: A new currency system based entirely on celebrity photos.

“I’m so glad we can finally announce the second half of our plan, and put everyone’s fears to rest,” said Noah Everett, founder. “We were never planning to sell user’s pictures for money. Rather, we’re letting you use them as money.”

This picture of Paris Hilton's cat will soon be exchanged for goods and services.

Twitpic’s currency system has launched to compete with the likes of Bitcoin, as well as other virtual payment methods.

“Celebrity pictures are the perfect currency. They’re always being produced, there’s tons of them in circulation, and they have an intrinsic value.” said Everett. “Someone is always going to be interested in that picture of Britney Spears at a family BBQ. You can’t say that about paper money, or about a chunk of gold.”

“The currency is even kept fresh as celebrities become less famous, eventually fading into obscurity. We’ll look back at the days we shoveled dollar bills into furnaces and laugh,” said Everett.

The new Celebrity Photo Currency (CPC) allows Internet users to buy things online with the intellectual property rights of any celebrity photos. As of publication, the currency held strong, with 10 CPC (an assorted collection including Levar Burton family moments, Daniel Radcliffe’s toenail clippings, and Al Yankovic generally being weird) being worth 12 USD, or about two Bitcoins.